#Testimony Tuesday

Don’t you just love to hear stories of how  someone has grown with cycling? 

Introducing Kenya,
Kenya was a 1st time BGDB member joining on a ride in July 2017 where the goal of the ride was to tackle inclines on our road bikes. She brought her mountain bike because that was the only bike she owned at that time.
Black Girls Do Bike motto is #nowomanleftbehind, which meant that we did not leave her, but she held her own and kept up on that mountain bike. We found out that she does many other fitness activities, including bounce fitness, so her legs were strong already.
Throughout the ride, we have conversations, laughs and of course snap photos. She expressed to me that she did not understand how she struggles to keep up with riding sometimes, while older men w/ giant bellies would zoom past her as if she was standing still. I informed her the difference between bikes (mountain, hybrid, road, etc) and the different tread on tires on various bikes which can cause rolling resistance.  
kenya screenshot
15 Miles of Success
Kenya had some personal goals and challenges she wanted to accomplish, and her mountain bike was going to get the boot.  Kenya purchased herself a road bike that same week, and joined us three weeks later at another ride named, “Hills for Breakfast“.  In addition to her new road bike, she had a helmet, cycling shorts and installed Strava on her mobile device to record her cycling activity.  What a difference!  She was beyond excited at how easy it was to ride her bike, and to be able to keep up with others with out struggling.
Screenshot 2018-07-03 12.21.30
We’re Ready

Fast forward to today…that mountain bike is collecting dust as she has rode 700+ miles to date in the early mornings, middle of the day and Midnight Hours throughout North East Ohio, New York and the District of Columbia.

Congratulations and Keep Rolling Kenya!!!

kenya tu-tu
Catch Kenya Rollin’ on Strava
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