Longest Ride Weekend of 2018

Some weekends I spend it riding my bike.  Actually every weekend!!  This weekend was no exception.  I’m often seen riding a bike with my wheel mate, with friends or sometimes solo.

Friday kicked off with Bike Cleveland’s Bike To Work Day energizer station early Friday morning.  Kelly decided to roll with me to work.  It was a nice early morning spin from the West side of Cleveland to downtown.  FREE coffee, bagels and muffins… oh my!

Since I reported to work early on Friday, that meant my day ended early…WooHoo!!!  Bike To Work Day also means a partnership with Cleveland’s RTA transit system where your fare is FREE if you have your bike.  It’s meant to give riders a boost to get to work… I went home…shhh 🙂

Not My Bike, But That Seat Is Comfy!

I took my hybrid home, and brought back my Liv Road bike to Cleveland.  I wanted to ensure that I made it back to Cleveland’s Public Square for Critical Mass, so I biked from my home straight to the County Line to catch the 90F bus.  It wasn’t there, so I kept cycling along the route…..why sit at a bus stop when I could ride my bike!! A total of 5 buses passed me going in the opposite direction, and finally, when I reached the freeway entrance, it was a five minute wait for my bus.  I didn’t mind the ride, it was an almost 15 mile ride in great weather.

Rode and socialized with many bike friends and Black Girls Do Bike Sistas during CCM as this month’s destination was to the Velodrome for track races.  Rode back downtown to prepare for my Midnight Ride in Cleveland I was leading at 10:30pm.  A handful of riders showed up, unfortunately the on and off rain stopped our ride numerous times.  After taking shelter at Lincoln Park, we all headed back to our vehicles and called it a night.

Friday’s Total Miles = 51.85

Saturday Diana & I decided to cycle 80 miles for her Birthday Virtual Ride Challenge.  Anyone was able to participate by riding either 7, 14, 38 or 80 miles in one ride.  We understood that 80 miles would be an all day adventure, and was up for the challenge.  Staying hydrated and having enough fuel is important to ride that many miles in one setting.

Our primary destination is the soft opening to Urban Soul Grill in Mentor, OH.  Next is Performance Bicycle in Mayfield, OH.

Next we headed to Diana’s home so she can check on her babies, both human and fur, and the plans were to head Lakewood to watch the sunset…well we got a ‘lil comfortable at our pit stops, and missed the sunset.

With twenty miles remaining, we headed downtown in the flats to see who we can find hanging out for the Bike Life Family’s Voodoo Event here in Cleveland, (no luck) came up top to the square, then proceeded to head back West to the start.  There were a few more miles that we needed to make it to eighty, so we decided that we would do a “Nancy” and bike up and down the street until we got to eighty.

Shortly before midnight, 80 Miles Complete in One Day!

80 Miles

Curious to know what 80 miles looks like…check it out below…

Saturday’s Total Miles = 80

Sunday is work day for me, which was good because you can imagine that my legs did not want to cycle anymore.  However I did get in a short one mile ride on my single speed.  No exerting a lot of effort or attempting to obtain any segments on Strava.  Sunday was my recovery ride day.  Short, sweet and simple.

Getting by in life…one mile at a time

Sunday’s Total Miles = 1.43

Monday is Slow Roll Day in Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago & Detroit, the originating city for weekly Monday night social rides.  I decided to skip out on Cleveland’s Slow Roll, and ride in the Motor City.  It was worth the trip!  It was nice to see Cleveland Peeps from the Bike Life family such as Cleveland Cruisers, We Ride Bikes, Pedal Pushers and others.  Slow Roll Detroit was a 7 mile ride, kinda short to come from Cleveland right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just as I was thinking of riding around more, I found out that there was a Soul Roll Detroit ride at 9pm.  Soul Roll is led by Detroit Cyclist Mike Bike, who is a great a leading over 100 riders on bikes throughout the city of Detroit.  Soul Roll is a great way to see the city at a casual pace at night, but with many riders who joined, the need to share the road is very important. Listen to Mike Bike below say a few words about tonight’s ride and his “pep” talk to his “Road Captains”.  I jumped in and offered assistance on my single speed, it’s the #squad in me 🙂

I can’t wait to follow and ride in the “D” again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can’t Beat a Two for One Ride Deal in Detroit!

Monday’s Total Miles = 17.9

This past weekend was full of smiles, laughter, meeting new friends, and seeing old friends.  And I’m already looking forward to next weekend!!  Happy Riding 🙂

4 Days
3 Bikes
2 Wheels
1 Love

Grand Total for the Weekend = 151.18



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