Seagull Century 2018

Second time riding the Seagull Century, FIRST Century ride.

2017, year I chickened out at registration and registered for the Princess Ann Metric Century. In May, I felt that I was not prepared to ride 100 miles in October. This year, ready or not, I was determined to make a strong effort to ride 100 miles in one ride.

Pine Street Mural

This is one of my favorite murals, I know that I am close to Salisbury when I see this on my right after crossing the bridge.


The expo had an interactive display asking your reason(s) to ride, in addition to the many merchants and businesses selling their products. I picked up a vest/rain jacket that I can wear if I get too hot for a great price. As well as a pair of bib cycling shorts from Hill Killer, because of course I left my shorts back in Ohio!!!

Impressive Sand Art

Friendly Faces Before The Ride

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Locals spotted before the ride

Listen to My Relive Video Commentary

Images spotted along the ride…

  • Lots of Velomobiles, those things are cute and fast!!!
  • 5 Gallon Jug of Pickles!!! The next rest stop had volunteers handing riders a small cup of Pickle Juice
  • The guy trailing the cross. Ride with Jesus I think it said.
  • Mature rider schooling younger rider on helmet placement. This young man seemed to ride the entire century by himself. Glad to see him at the finish line.
  • So. Much. Sand!
  • What is an ELF?

Yes, Black Girls Do Bike

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The Final Stretch

Happy to see any signs that say Salisbury at this point. But first it’s stop for FREE Beer at the Beer Mile, around Mile 92 or 93. That is absolutely fun! If I questioned why did I decide to ride 100 miles, the FREE Beer Stop was a nice treat and worth it. Kelly does not drink, wasn’t it nice of him to wait for me while I down it πŸ˜‰

Smiles from the Ride

Did You See Him? This was 10 miles in…

This was a HISTORIC effort Ride for me. My body did not know how to act when I was finished riding. My muscles was SHAKING on the inside. Tried to sit down, nope, that hurt. Tried to walk, nope that hurt too. Only thing that relieved my pain, you guessed it, getting right back on the bike. Rode it to the pick up the 30th anniversary gift for the Seagull Ride, a magnet, then rode right back to the hotel room for a mile. A shower, food and a night’s sleep was needed for the return trip to Ohio.

Seagull Century Deltrece Daniels

GPS glitch missed a few miles on me

Recovery Sunday

Before sitting in the car for eight hours, I wanted to ride for a quick spin real quick around the water outside of our hotel. Check out the activity on Strava here. It was a nice quick mile, and upon returning, noticed a local rider who’s pedal had came off. Kelly & I stopped to help him, by taking the bolt from my pedal for his pedal. The local was nice and appreciative, and I felt good because we had started off my day already with a good deed, something I try to do every day, at least once a day.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork right? Kelly had the manual labor, and I supplied the tool! Then we went shopping at the flea market πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Let’s Take a Road Trip to the Seagull Century on October 5th, 2019!

See You There!

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