1st Time Recording Cleveland Bike Rides Memories

30 Miles on a Bicycle as my 1st Adventure

I cycled from my home in Twinsburg, OH to downtown Cleveland, OH on May 27, 2015. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew that it was going to be fun. 30 miles would be the first time riding a long mileage, other people ride that and more on a daily basis, I figured it couldn’t be that challenging. I was extremely excited the night before and created a photo album on my Facebook page, Dee Black Girl Cycling Adventures to document the ride. The ride was fun, until I was lost, two times! Strava is a great tool to record your activities, check out the activity on Strava. My destination was to a bicycle shop in Cleveland. I visit every bicycle shop I am near.

Newbie cycling activities were not recorded with Strava. Map My Ride was what I used initially to record my bike rides on my mobile. There were limited options for the types of bikes, but then again I could have very well rode a red Target brand mountain bike to work in 2012. With less than a three mile commute, why not get grab yourself a FREE quick exercise before work. It helps to release happy endorphins and other cycling benefits.

screenshot of mobile view of fitness activity
1st Commute Activity on Map My Ride

2015, I compared Map My Ride data and Strava data for the same activity, I decided to record through the Strava app only for my cycling activities, the feature to add photos has me sold.

Deciding on one platform was an easy one, plus, it gave me the chance to compare year 2015 30 mile ride to year 2016 30 mile ride of Twinsburg to Cleveland.

Winter 2017, I began to record indoor riding through the Wahoo Fitness App. The following summer, I tried it outdoors on a ride to see if I would like to continue recording outdoor rides via Wahoo. I did not. I will continue to stick with Strava for photo sharing.

Fast forward to 2019, I use a Garmin fitness watch to record my activities, and it will sync to Strava. After it is uploaded, I edit the description, bike and add photos.

Beautiful Day in Twinsburg Heights Neighborhood Gardens

I did not do a repeat of the Twinsburg to Cleveland ride for 2019 in May, I did ride in my neighborhood.

I do like the social share feature in Garmin, so much that I save a copy of the view, and share it as a picture by itself.

What is your favorite fitness app to record your cycling activties and why? Share below.

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